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Friday, September 18, 2009

How The Just Live

We are here concerned with one of the ultimate issues of our life. How do we live? According to Scripture, there is a certain way that "the just" live. They live "by faith." What is meant by "the just"? Does every Christian live by faith? The Williams translation uses "upright" for "just". The upright man must live by faith.

The implied comparison in the Habakkuk passage, borrowed by Paul in writing to Roman Christians, is between two ways of life. The natural or carnal man lives with his spiritual eyes turned inward toward himself (latin: curvatus in se). In this particular posture, the spiritual walk is exceedingly difficult, with constant stumbles because the eyes are turned in the wrong direction. Pride follows on the heels of victory and defeat leads many a one to despair.

Not so with the upright who have turned away from "me" to walk by faith, by dependence upon God. They see life through the lens of providence and consult the heavenly Father on each matter that life presents them. They walk through life unafraid and undistracted by the siren songs of pride and despair. In Kipling's immortal words, they can look on triumph and disaster and "treat those two impostors just the same."

Positionally, each of us who seeks to honor God in our practice or our studies is just, or upright. But daily we are presented with the choice: Will I live unto the Lord, trusting in Him, or will I live unto myself? Are my eyes prepared to see the hand of God today in the ups and downs of my professional life?

Lord, grant that I might see your providential hand today in my practice or study of the law. Each time the telephone rings or a colleague stops by my office, when I prepare for class or some other academic obligation, may I discern an opportunity to live by faith, depending upon you. As I meet triumph and disaster, make my life a testimony to your grace.

~ With thanks to Brent McBurney, Director of Attorney Ministries, Christian Legal Society

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